Dalia Zepeda, Realtor

Meet Dalia Zepeda

Dalia Zepeda is a realtor specializing in listing and selling real state in the Lake Chapala area in Jalisco Mexico and associated with Chapala Realtors. In her first year as an agent Dalia sold 9 properties. She started on the right foot!

Dalia is also an experienced rental agent that also offers property management services. She has multiple contacts within the Mexican and foreign communities. Dalia is very knowledgeable on the different formalities, red tape and Mexican government procedures, just ask her.
Dalia is well known for not taking a no for an answer. Her persistence
and boldness make her an asset for her clients.

Dalia is from Sinaloa, a state in northeast Mexico. She`s a mother
of three and an animal lover. Having lived in Jalisco for more than 20 years, with more than 10 years in lakeside, she knows the area very well and her knowledge and experience will help you find your dream home or market your property.

Dalia always goes further and beyond for her clients. She likes to create long term relationships with her customers and most of the time they end up becoming her friends.

When talking about real estate needs, Dalia will make your life easier and will get you the best deal.